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Thursday, 06 February 2014 17:59

Why to choose extra virgin olive oil

According to data from international scientific organizations, extra virgin olive oil predominates over seed oil, and other animal fats, and also has a beneficial effect on the human body, helping to combat many diseases and especially protecting the heart and the nervous system.


Due to its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidants, extra-virgin olive oil last longer at high temperatures (up to 210c C). Also extra virgin olive oil when kept in opaque containers in a cool place, withstand a lot more than any other vegetable oil, and it is not subject to rancidity. So unlike other vegetable oils or butters, olive oil is ideal for frying (frying temperature 180 ° C) of food.

Nutritional value

Extra virgin olive oil has just as many calories as other vegetable oils have, ie 9 calories per gram and it is even healthier.


Scientific evidence shows that monounsaturated fatty acids, which a wonderful source of them is the extra virgin olive oil, exert a beneficial effect on levels of cholesterol in the arteries. Monounsaturated fatty acids reduce levels of harmful cholesterol LDL, while maintaining the levels of protective cholesterol HDL.


The high content of extra virgin olive oil in vitamin E, makes it essential to all ages, but especially for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

No. 1 in preventing

Extra virgin olive oil is a source of life and health for all ages. In Mediterranean countries where the consumption of extra virgin olive oil is great, have fewer heart problems than in northern countries which consumes more tallow.

For children

It is an important factor to balance the metabolism and growth of the human body, because its composition is ideal for bone growth. Teach your children the rich nutritional value of extra virgin olive oil.

For adults

It is a precautionary measure for diseases like atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the digestive system, etc. Helps fight liver problems and significantly reduces malfunctions of the nervous system.

For older people

Extra virgin olive oil is an effective natural weapon against osteoporosis. Thanks to Vitamin E it is a natural antioxidant, olive oil slows the deterioration of cell membranes leading to natural aging.

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