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Botargo is a food consisting of stuffed fish eggs. It is a special product of the area of Messolonghi-Aitoliko.

Snails constitute a very special dish in Greece and currently a delicatessen product around the world.

There are several recipes with snails and are well accompanied with a good red wine.

Salami is one of the most representative products of Lefkada island, situated in West Greece. The patent is Italian and allegedly transferred by the inhabitants of Burano(Italy), Italians who moved in the Island and were the first to produce. The basic ingredient is fresh pork meat & pepper.

Our prosciutto is produced from specially selected Greek hams, processed in the traditional manner of Parma and traditions of Evrytania. It matures for 12 months in an ideal environment full of firs, in the mountains of Evrytania.

Our salami from Evrytania is a high quality product with a delicate flavor. Made from fine Greek pork and selected animal parts are used with an excellent ratio meat - fat. The processing is done in accordance with traditional Greek and Italian standards.

Our traditional sausage is prepared from fresh meat carefully chosen and with an excellent ratio of meat and fat. The processing is done in the traditional manner of Evrytania with the addition of leek and spices. Carefully selected pork intestines are used to allow the natural process of maturation. The drying of the product is done in special places, with absolutely no heat treatment.

Bacon is a whole plate of pancetta without skin with slow maturation. Made from specially selected pancetta that we use a unique process of salting to get the best result. Absorption of salt becomes slowly with a natural way. Smoking is also done in a natural way. The duration of smoking depends in the taste that we want to give.

Lonza is manufactured by fresh pig meat from the upper part of the animal, salted and flavored with spices that gives it a special flavor.

The ham in wine is made from fresh pork, that the bone is removed. Then we add salt, pepper and herbs of the mountains with wine and the ratio depends on the flavor that we want to give. It is then baked in a wood oven, which gives it an excellent flavor. Served in thin slices.

Our pork fillet is made from fine pork tenderloin steak. Only flavored with mountain herbs and baked in a traditional wood oven. Served as a cold dish, sliced.

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