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The extra virgin olive oil SITIA 0.3 has low acidity, intense fruity aroma and harmonious taste. It is the winner of 13 international awards and is known worldwide for its quality. It is ideal to enjoy it raw to your salad, and is suitable for culinary use.

Protected Designation of Origin: Sitia Lassithi Crete

Produced exclusively in centrifugal mills operating in the province of Sitia.

Variety: Koroneiki

Harvesting: From late November to late February in mountainous areas.

Cold extraction: Temperature pressing and export less 27o C

Color: Clear, green / golden

Odor - Taste: Balanced with strong fruity intensity. Perfume unripe olive with hints of artichoke, fresh cut grass and nuts. Slightly bitter, moderately spicy and smooth with a long aftertaste.

Packaging: SITIA 0,3 product is supplied in glass bottles of 250mL, 500mL, 750mL and 1L and 0,5L cans and 5L.

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